About Us
We are located just west of the town of Quinlan , Texas, about 1 and 1/2 miles north of hwy 276 on fm 36 s.
We operate a small  hobby/show kennel  and breed pomeranians exclusively, usually producing an average of 4 litters per year.
When we designed the kennel building, we thought it would be nice to make accomodations for a few small visitors.
An alternative to the typical boarding facility,where the privleged pet does not have to stay in a small cage, getting little attention, and is not housed with large dogs that may frighten them.
We have indoor stalls with solid wall dividers for privacy, ceramic tile flooring, dogie doors leading to the enclosed outdoor patio which was designed with solar screen and panels. The outdoor patio is very secure from weather,flying insects,and any other pests,but allows  the air flow and the views of the cows in the adjacent pasture.
Depending on you dogs individual  needs or routein , we also offer leash walking and  supervised playtime in the play yard or socialization with other dogs compatible to your dogs age, size and temperment.
In the kennel building we also installed a full bathroom, a  kitchen with washer/dryer,and a living room area w/cable TV, which makes it very easy to care for all of the dogs needs and spend alot of time with them.
We are family owned and operated and also have a small staff of caring dependable pet caregivers.

we have small or large indoor stalls with dog doors.
the small size stall has a 3 ft.by 3ft. square indoor eating and sleeping area very comfortable for 1 dog.
the large size stall is 4 ft. by 5ft and is comfortable for up to a 2-3 dog family. 
we provide the activities and interaction your dog likes, whether he likes to play outside, play with other dogs,play with kids,or maybe he likes a private place to nap without
the excitement. Our goal is for him to have a pleasant and fun experience while he is away from home.
This is the outdoor enclosed patio excersize area which provides total security and protection from the weather elements and pests.
They have the freedom to go outside, socialize and see the views of the cows even if its raining. Concrete floors with drains.