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Satisfied Clients
Rules and Waviers.
Assumption of risk
and liabilities.

Assumption of  liability- GCPS  and all owners who trust us with the care of their dogs rely on your honesty and full disclosure of any and all past and current health, behavior, safety or other factors which may affect your dogs eligibility for services. Failure to disclose any issue past or current, may spread disease or cause injury to dogs ,employees or guests. Even if the information you provided in the interview checklist is true to the best of your knowledge, dogs often respond differently to new people dogs or situations. By signing this wavier and release you assume full responsibility for your dogs behavior and to GCPS for all damages and injuries,to property , dogs , and persons caused by your dog, even if there is alleged negligence by GCPS.
Indemnification- Owner will Indemnify,defend, and hold GCPS harmless from and against any and all claims, actions, causes of actions, losses ,damages ,liabilities, costs, judgements or attorney fees to which GCPS may become subject, relating to or arising out of my dogs services at GCPS or caused by my dog. This indemnification extends to third party claims against GCPS for harm alleged to be suffered in part or entirely due to negligence of GCPS or staff.
Assumption of risk- As a dog owner,I understand and acknowledge there is a possible risk of accident or injury to my dog, other dogs or persons associated with group dog play. I understand that even in a controlled well supervised circumstances,it is possible there could be a incident or unpredictable behavior, that could result in injury to my dog, my dog might contract a infection or illness from close contact with another dog. therefore I volintarily assume all risk of injury suffered by me, my agent,or my dog during a stay at GCPS, regardless of whether the harm is suffered as a result of actual or alleged negligence by GCPS, another dog or a third party.After considering these factors I have decided the risks are outweighed by the benifits  of the care,socialization, excersize and stimulation derived by my dog.
Wavier and release- I hereby waive all claims and release GCPS from all liability , claims , damage, arising from or related to GCPS services.