Grand  Central
   Pet  Station
           Welcome to Grand central pet station. 

We offer pet sitting ,daycare and specialty services for up to {8} small or Toy size dogs from 1 lb - 25 lbs, and medium size dogs from 25 to 45 lbs. If your dog is elderly ,fearful of new people,spoiled, has special food or exercise requirements or takes medication, we are here for their needs.
Maternity care and intensive newborn litter care also available, for mothers or puppies up to 4 months in the playpen program.                                                                               Other professional services available are:
1.)Grooming services available by "Trish" and her team  at 
"Dawg gone dirty" grooming salon.
2.)Obedience training  by "Beth"
3.)Conformation Show training class by "Sherry"               
Dawg gone dirty salon is only 5 minutes away so professional grooming and training services will be through or in conjunction with our location at Grand Central Pet Station.   
4.) Pressed for time? Pick up or delivery service  is also available.
Remember ,all services will be customized to fit your dogs individual needs and requirements. Saftey and security at all times is a top priority, so what ever your dogs daily adgenda of activities , he/she  will have a happy and pleasant experience while the family is away.

We also offer a limited selection of pet specialty products , gifts , collectables and special supplies for toy dog breeders and owners available @ the ONLINE store.